Bad Credit Loan Options for People With Poor Credit

Do You Really Need a Bad Credit Loan?

Without a doubt, applying for a bad credit loan regardless of the avenue that you decide to use is an expensive affair. However, it is difficult to disregard the value that they bring hence the need for even those with bad credit to have an avenue they can use to apply for loans. Considering how costly they can get, you have to be calculating about how and when you apply for the loan. Remember that they will usually attract a higher interest hence your move has to be strategic. But, if your credit is poor they might be the best option for you.

Having bad credit is a tough situation for anybody. While these loans boast higher interest rates the can help you in an emergency and they will also help you to rebuild your credit rating. Companies like FinancialLitNow offer bad credit loans for people with poor credit and they have developed a reputation that puts them above the competition. They provide services in all 50 states and have one of the largest special finance networks found online.

In Case of an Emergency

This is among the few isolated cases of when it is best for you to go for a bad credit loan. If you have a medical emergency that keeps piling up every day that passes at the hospital or any other emergency that is a real emergency not just the sudden need to get a new car.

To Build Your Credit

The other acceptable reason for you to take out a bad credit loan is when you are looking to build your credit. At some point, you will need a good loan without all the strings attached and bad credit loans can be an avenue to achieving that goal. However, if not handled properly, they could also push your bad credit situation even further down.

Even though you might have a good reason to take a bad credit loan, ensure that you look around and weigh your options. Try to go for the most affordable option that you can get.

Avoiding Bad Credit Loan Scams

Avoiding a bad credit loan scam is as important as keeping a clean payment history to your credits so to avoid future denials of loans. Credit loan scams have been around for long, and some people fall victim to scammers because they lack the right knowledge to detect this scammers.

In most cases, a bad credit loan scam will involve a lender who will promise to send you the amount you had borrowed. Of course he/she will have a condition that will require you to send them a fee so your loan can be processed. This is the number one sign that your lender is scamming you. Be very careful of this sign.

Another sign that you have fallen victim to a scam is when the lender doesn’t make an inquiry about your past credit history. No lender in his/her right mind will guarantee a loan without checking for your past payment history. Of course, there are a couple of exceptions to this. Payday loans and car title loans generally don’t require a credit check.

Avoiding the two mentioned scams will save you a lot of troubles if only you get your information from the right sources and always follow the right channels when processing a loan.

Another option is to look for loans using a loan finder which can help some people with better credit. There are loan options available for both good and bad credit through the programs discussed here.

Bad Credit Loans Explained in Simple Terms

A poor credit history can make it hard or more costly to borrow, since lenders will view you as a risk. Also, a lack of credit history can make it difficult to get credit as there is no information to evaluate your borrowing habits and establish how you handle your finances. If you have had issues with credit in the past, or are presently experiencing financial difficulties, you might think that you will not qualify for a personal or secured loan. There are, however, loans available for bad credit. Individuals with a limited or poor credit rating who need to borrow funds, can take out bad credit loans. These loans usually charge a much higher interest rate, a reflection of the borrower not having other options and the fact that they are highly likely to have a poor or even non-existent credit history.

Bad credit loans are options specifically created for those would-be borrowers with a poor credit history and are struggling to get credit from other sources. In its own right, a bad credit loan is not a ‘bad’ thing – it simply is a loan for individuals with a poor or even non-existent credit history. There are 2 types of loan you can take-out – secured or unsecured. An unsecured loan tends to be for smaller loan sum of money (less than $35,000) and can have a higher interest rate, but your property will not be at risk in case you default on payments. On the other hand, a secured loan will generally have a lower interest rate, but your home or other assets may be at risk in case you cannot make the payments.

If you are hoping to improve your credit rating or history, then taking out a loan, even bad credit loans can help, provided you ensure that you make payments on time and in full. Anyone in employment who is above the age of 18 can apply for bad credit loans. Not all lenders provide these types of loans, however, and you will find that bad credit loans usually has a higher APR, since those with a poor credit rating pose a greater risk. There’re licensed lenders, sometimes called sub-prime lenders, who will lend to individuals who are unable to obtain credit from a high-street bank or building society.

Basic Qualifications for Bad Credit Loans

Compared with other loans, the basic requirements for bad credit loans may be to some extent more inflexible in areas excluding credit. However, these types of loans may be secured or unsecured. Lenders who offer these kinds of loans may need something special, therefore it is recommendable for the borrower to be conscious of the special requirements that may be conferred upon those with credit concerns.

Here are some of the minimum requirements that you will need to qualify for Bad Credit Loans:

-Employment History

First and foremost, the lender will want to know if the borrower has a stable employment history. The lender will not take chances with a borrower who frequently changes jobs. If you are seeking a personal loan, this becomes very vital. The lender wants to ensure that you have means to repay the loan.


Besides the stable job, the lender would want to make certain that you have sufficient income to repay the bad loan. The lender will use Income to Debt Ratio in order to determine the percentage that he will be willing to permit prior to calculation of loan payments. In the case of bad loan credits, this ratio is usually lower than what is permitted for people with good credit.


Use of guarantors is another option that the lenders may offer. The lender normally sets the qualifications, and occasionally, the lender may prefer a guarantor who has a higher income than the borrower. More than handful lenders would also prefer the guarantor to be a member of the borrower’s family.

Often, a lender will not consider a guarantor who has debatable credit. He prefers somebody who is more stable than the borrower, and somebody he can feel convincingly sure that will ensure the loan is repaid.

-Shorter Repayment Period

In some situations, some lenders may ask for a shorter repayment period. Lenders usually offer short repayment term so as to ensure that the borrower makes effort to repay the loan. Since the lender has already determined the amount he feels the borrower can comfortably pay per month, he will not over-strain him.