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Former Building Manager Implicated Of Charging $2K To Business Charge Card

BATON ROUGE – Police have jailed a female implicated of adding countless dollars on a credit card that came from her former employer. 31-year-old Danielle Matherne, of Walker, was reserved on charges of theft and unapproved usage of an access card after she was taken into BRPD custody. Supervisors at the Northgate home complex contacted […]

Overbuying Stock In Limelight: Dycom Industries, Inc. (NYSE: DY)

The relative stamina index (RSI), among the most popular technical indications, is calculated on the basis of the speed and instructions of a stocks rate motion. The RSI value will always move in between 0 and 100; the value will be 0 if the stock falls on all 2 Week, and 100, if the rate […]

HouseMortgage States Stock Dividend

COSHOCTON – HouseMortgage Financial Corporation has stated a cash dividend of 25 cents per common share. The dividend is payable May 13 to investors as of April 29. HomeHome mortgage Financial is the holding service of House Loan Savings Bank which has offices in Coshocton, West Lafayette and Mount Vernon.

5 Fantastic FactorsNeeds To Increase Your Credit ScoreCredit Report

Thats the message from American Consumer Credit Counseling, a Newton, Ma.-based consumer financial advocacy group.

Credit Card Loaning Rises To 11-year High In March

The quantity UK customers owe on loans and credit cards grew by 1.9 bn in March, the highest figure in 11 years driven by a sharp increase in spending on plastic. Bank of England figures reveal exceptional borrowing on charge card enhanced by 635m over the month, compared to a typical boost of 400m over […]

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